The Best of the Worst

2014 is upon us and HELLTRASH is ready to unveil its anthology of anarchy, “The Best of the Worst,” a high octane thriller from front man Vlixx Vaden, spanning through nearly a decade of the band’s debauchery. Coming at you in a nylon tote bag that doubles as a backpack, a brand new t-shirt harking back to the retro style of Bossfight, and of course the limited promotional copy of “The Best of the Worst”. This extremely limited bundle is a must have for any ‘TRASHER, as well as a great place to start for new fans of the band. Also included is a one of a kind HELLTRASH dogtag necklace that comes branded with the band’s insignia. Further propagate the virus with one of the included vinyl stickers; they look great on everything from your car’s bumper to your friend’s forehead. Pre-orders start today, so any soul who was unfortunate enough to miss out on previous releases like Cannibullshit and Bossfight, can now live through those timeless eras with a slew of exclusive fan goodies. This limited bag of trash has been candidly coined the “Vlixx Starter Campaign,” as each and every sale goes into the maddening and twisted production of the next HELLTRASH LP, 2014 live performances, and other surprises looming on the horizon…


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Attention all metal headz n’ any would-be nut thangs


Into tha distizzle a non genetic code
A brand freshly smoked up system waitin ta explode
Here comes tha chaos n’ itz outta line
Techno resistizzle is outta control
I aint a w****e i’m a techno f***k from hell
Need no religion i have no ass ta sell
I be on tha thrown when you down on yo’ knees
I aint a cold-ass lil cure i’m a gangbangin’ f***kin disease
Da demon freak tha supersupa-ho from hell
I be bout ta be tha dark shiznit dat drops some lyrics ta you not ta tell
I be tha f***k dat make you scream
A freshly smoked up messiah of a freshly smoked up disease
We is tha grill of a freshly smoked up salvation
A brand freshly smoked up name fo’ a funky-ass brand freshly smoked up revolution
Aend a message across tha nation
We is a problem we is not a solution
We gonna push dis revolution
To mah playas we see
And when you’ve had all you can take
Know dat dirtnap won’t do a thang ta mah dirty ass
Da demon freak tha supersupa-ho from hell
I be bout ta be tha dark shiznit dat drops some lyrics ta you not ta tell
I be tha f***k thatz invadin yo’ dreams
A freshly smoked up messiah fo’ a funky-ass brand freshly smoked up disease
We is tha grill of a freshly smoked up salvation
A brand freshly smoked up name fo’ a funky-ass brand freshly smoked up revolution
Send a message across tha nation
We is a problem we is not a solution
I aint a superstar, ï’m a techno f***k.

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What has been going on?

Some time has past since the last Helltrash show.  The reasons for this can be very simple as well as complicated and personal.  To put it as simple as possible: Helltrash is ran by 1 person and that person is me.

Lets look at the live line-up of the last incarnation of Helltrash to date.


2010-2011 Helltrash:

Me: Vocals

Grohm: Guitar

Avis: Bass

Luci: Drums

Etak: Keys


In the winter of 2009 I met Jason Browne in Nashville while I was touring with Psyclon 9 at a show his band was playing in Nashville. I later ran into him again at Guitar Center in Atlanta and we talked about working together on a live band to support the upcoming record: Bossfight.  Things went very well for a time and he adopted the name Luci Briggs as a new Stage name from a short list of potential names I drew up for him. Shortly after this I learned that Luci played drums. I really should start looking into peoples backgrounds more. This solved my live drummer problem for this line-up quickly. He kicked and screamed about not wanting to be behind a drum kit again but eventually remembered how much he loved playing the drums and devoted a good deal of time into learning and perfected the Helltrash material.

Moving along.

There were a couple of “givens” for band members. Grohm, and Etak.  Grohm had been playing with me since 07 and Etak was my girlfriend at the time. These decisions were simple leaving me with a bass player slot to fill.

Loki had been in the Bassist position since 08 and did a great job performing live in the band. I did 2 tours with him that were a lot of fun. Somewhere in the time-frame of 08-10 he had a kid. As it was already difficult to import him from El Paso to Atlanta for gigs, photos, and anything else things became more complicated. So I looked to all the musicians I knew of locally to find who would be best fit for this position. The name at the top of my list was Avis Montgomery.  Him and I talked in email back and forth for a week or so and came to the conclusion that it was a great idea. The line-up was now full and serious rehearsals followed.

We rehearsed in a somewhat abandoned wing of a Hospital. How we ended up here and the things that went on in this place is not something I will get into here. But if you would like to discuss the movie rights please contact me at . This band was tighter than ever in rehearsal. It was really really good. After our first few shows we all had a really good feeling about what was to come.

This was all very short lived as what came next went in this order: The wife of Avis dies. Avis dies. Luci quits. Me and Etak split.

Each of those deserve a little detail to fully understand how these events occurred and all the little details of such complicated situations. Its really nobodies business so lets just say that some of these worked out for the best where as others were some of the darkest times I hope to ever experience.

This brings us to around Febuary of 2011 where we played one last show without Avis. Thoughts of having a bass player “fill in” for him in his absence turned into plans that were not followed through on. The emotion was that no one could simply fill in at that time. So we played without a Bass player that night.

Ok so where the fucking fuck are we now?

The rest of 2011 was not the best and rounding through the new year to 2012 gave to an interesting year. Over the past year I have lived in 7 different places including a house that was built in 1922 covered in black mold.  I’ve heard people say that moving is the largest stress a person can experience along side the death of family and friends. After living through 2012 I believe that those people are fucking right.

I have no fucking shit of an idea when or if I will ever move again.  But one thing is for certain. THE BAND GOES BACK ON STAGE.

Is there a current live line up?

Well yes…..and no. There are people. People that are interested in playing some shows. I talked to Matt Crain and Sevin from columbine for quite sometime about coming in as official members. It went well but didn’t seem to be the best fit for Matt. I also have a Drummer who is based out of Alabama. His name is Envy and is probably the best drummer the band has ever had. Grohm is still around. So there is the 3 of us. It occurred to me recently that it doesn’t really matter and I have completely gone insane over the years trying to piece and hold together live bands. My only concern as of right now is filling the schedule with shows and releasing new material as well as re-releasing old material.

New material:

There are albums and albums of demos waiting to hit the studio. Studio production of a new record begins June 1st.

Some of these demos are the heaviest and most grimy shit I have ever written and I cannot wait to get it out. I have searched through my soul with a fine tooth comb over the past year and put a lot of things I find interesting but may have never noticed into my art.

I will update you more on current events in future posts now that you have a few missing pieces to the puzzle as to why there has been a lack of movement recently. The important thing to note is that things are moving very fast right now.

My writing to you in regards of the shit hole of a couple of years aids me in putting that chapter behind the band and opening a new one. This one will be written in Blood.

Update: No fire really…

Update: No fire really just a minor accident. Knocked a candle to the floor while dancing but KXN picked it up before there was any damage. Had a blast trailing through the woods with my guitar. KXN took her fire breathing rig along and showed me some cool tricks. Time to get right and get today going…….maybe I’ll go back to the woods it was really peaceful out there. If you don’t count the loud music, fire, and debauchery……wait that is my fucking definition of peaceful!

Last night

Last night was as crazy as I wanted it to be…..i think. I’m still trying to remember it all. Booze: check. Sex? I think so. Blood? heh…typical.. Wonderland of crazy in the woods and it’s a fucking weekday. KXN and I thought It would be a good Idea to celebrate nothing, get wasted, and fight our shadows to ear piercing black metal until the sun came up. Only I don’t remember the sun coming up. Now my heart has moved it’s way to the front of my head…….FUCK. I sort of remember setting the carpet on fire? I guess I’ll let you know later. I’m going back to bed.